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Bespoke Yoga

Private classes in person or online


"Simon has a wonderful ability to teach 1-2-1 and skilfully breaks down the key principles into accessible nuggets. He really took the time to discover my potential and bring it to the surface so that I could see what I was capable of. As a result I have found the benefit to be both physical and psychological to me, and without exaggeration I can say I am a better person for having undertaken the practice of yoga with him" Naveen P 

Private Yoga has many benefits for new as well as 

more experienced students. I can highly recommend these sessions to:


  • Start a new practise before joining a public class or deepen your existing practise.

  • Allow you to experience yoga in a personal, more detailed way.

  • Develop a practise working with and around health issues / specific injury such as lower back pain.

  • Create a practise to fit around your busy schedule.

  • Focus on particular postures, sequences that interest you,

  • Give you more insight into breathing practises (pranayama) or meditation.

Private classes can include popular postures, Restorative Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation & iRest Yoga nidra Meditation either separately, or a combination to suit you.​

 I can recommend what equipment / if any that you need, and suppliers too. 


As a private yoga instructor, I am available to teach you as regularly as once, twice or upto 5 times a week, once a month or just a one off.

Sessions can be 30 mins,  60 mins, 75 mins or 90 mins, whatever suits you.

Please contact Simon Hoten at 07984613826 or email at:


A 1-2-1 session can also be a great gift for someone. Click below for more details.

Private classes can be in person or via Zoom/Skype or Facetime.

Private yoga, 1-2-1 yoga
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