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Private 1-2-1 Meditation
In person or online
At my home practise or at your home or venue of choice  


My approach to private meditation instruction is secular (non religious) and individually tailored.

A session includes instruction on how to learn meditation, discussion (including about the benefits of meditation), and meditation, and I will teach you techniques that will best address the areas that you wish to focus on. These techniques can include focus on the breath to help quieten the mind, mantras, visualisations and expansiveness practices and / or iRest Yoga Nidra, guided meditation.

Learn to Meditate

6 Week Course


A 6 week course to train you in a wide range of meditation techniques & including pranayama (breathing practices / movement of Prana) & mudras (which can support your meditation practise). This is ideal if you are looking for meditation classes in London.

Week One: Using the breath to overcome distractions.
Week Two: Creative visualisations 
Week Three: Mantras for meditation
Week Four: Heart Focused & Expansiveness meditation 
Week Five: Candle Flame & Loving kindness meditation
Week Six: iRest Yoga Nidra guided meditation including body sensing & breath sensing. 

What will this course with Simon do for me?
People who start to meditate regularly, report benefits including - ​Feeling more energised, Improved focus and concentration, Increased creativity, productivity, performance , Reduced levels of anxiety and stress, Reduced feelings of being overwhelmed, Being less reactive and more responsive, Increased patience, intuition and empathy, A clearer mind, Improved decision making, A greater perspective in life, Becoming more resilient to challenges in relationships and life, Feeling more centred and happy, Improved self awareness, Expanded consciousness, More balance in life
improved self-discipline and encourages other positive habits i.e. exercise, diet changes, reading).

In addition - people practising yoga nidra / guided meditation experience: 
​Decreased stress, anxiety, fear and depression, Improved sleep and decreased insomnia, An ability to better manage chronic and acute pain, Healthier interpersonal relations, Heightened energy levels
Improved sense of control, More confidence and joy in their lives, A greater sense of peace and well-being ​​

There are so many different meditation techniques that it can be confusing. We will explore a number of the key practices so that you can find the right one for you. Once you find the right practise, meditation practise becomes easier too sustain and when you practise regularly, you start to reap the many benefits.

Do you have difficulty sitting still to meditate?
I will share posture secrets as well as practices that can help to quieten our mind prior to meditation i.e. pranayama practices (breathing & the movement of prana) and the use of mudras too.

Have you tried to meditate previously and then given up?
...or have you meant to start but haven't managed to yet? 
I will share with you the tools, hints and tips that can help you overcome the many obstacles that can stop us from meditating.

We will be sitting on chairs or the floor on cushions / supports, whatever you prefer.
There is also an online resource to support you after the afternoon and there will be time for group reflection, questions, discussions, stretching 
Suitable for?
Anyone, of any age, background or religion. 
Maximum 8 students
Our setting is our home studio in West Hampstead. Exact address given on booking. 
All mats, cushions, chairs, blankets are provided.

£48 / £44 early bird online via zoom 

All levels guided meditation mini series:iRest yoga nidra

Thurs 30th Sept - 21st Oct

7pm - 8.15pm
In person & online via Yogaloft

People who practise iRest report reduced depression, insomnia, pain, stress, fear and anxiety. They also report having a greater ability to relax, enjoy life and find inner peace. 
iRest is an accessible form of meditation based on the ancient practise of yoga nidra and adapted for modern life by combining it with western psychology and neuroscience. It provides tools that can be used to skilfully deal with challenging situations in daily life, calm the nervous system and help you establish a strong sense of well-being. 
You are encouraged to lie down and Simon will guide you through a process of relaxation and self-inquiry, inviting you to become increasingly aware of your physical body, focusing on your breath and inner world.
Each session includes a short introduction to that particular week’s theme, followed by a 30 – 40 minute guided meditation and finishing with questions and reflections. 
Everyone is welcome.

Week 1 - iRest yoga nidra / guided meditation session - "Building resiliency in times of uncertainty"

Week 2 - iRest yoga nidra / guided meditation session - "Awakening to your inner wisdom"

Week 3 - iRest yoga nidra / guided meditation session - "The power of opposites in supporting your wellbeing". 

Week 4 - iRest yoga nidra / guided meditation session - "Opening the doorway to true joy and happiness"
Everyone is welcome.


This is not a physical yoga class. All participants either lie on the ground, on a yoga mat and blanket ( with optional bolster cushions /support under your knees and / or a blanket under your head) or you can sit in a chair on the sofa.
Suitable for all levels including beginners and those more experienced in meditation.

In person at Yogaloft Beethoven St & online via zoom 

Price £15 per session or £60 for all 4 in person, 

Online price £10 per session or £40 for all 4.

Introduction to meditation workshop for Beginners
4pm - 6pm 
£ in person at Yogaloft
or £ online 

"The meditation workshop was the perfect escape and antidote to today's busy life. It was a great way to deepen my knowledge of meditation and try some new forms of meditation, and learn how to better practice meditation at home. I came away feeling refreshed, revived & absolutely centered" Talya S

During this introduction to meditation workshop we will experience different meditation practices including how to use the breath to overcome distractions, meditation using mantra & visualisations. 

We will explore different gentle exercises that can help us sit more comfortably to meditate, practices that can help to quieten our mind prior to meditation, including pranayama practices (breathing & the movement of prana) and the use of mudras.

Simon will share with you tools, hints and tips that can help you overcome some of the main obstacles that can stop us from meditating.  You can sit on chairs or the floor on cushions / supports, whatever you prefer.

It is ideal for beginners and / or anyone who wants to try different meditation practices. 
There is also an online resource to support you after the afternoon.

Price £TBC in person at Yogaloft Beethoven St & £TBC online

Book here 

Meditation Classes
In person or online 
Mondays  12.30pm - 1.30pm in person or online at Yogaloft & 
Wednesdays 12.30pm - 1pm 
online at Yogaloft

Classes include breathing practices to help quieten the mind, instruction, meditation practices ( which may change from week to week) including using the breath, mantras, visualisations, guided meditations and iRest yoga nidra, as well as time for questions and discussion afterward. Simon’s meditation classes are open to all levels of experience from newcomers to experienced meditators. 

In person and online. 

Price : Contact Yogaloft here for details.

iRest yoga nidra / guided meditation classes 


Online via zoom

Themes of the classes:

Thursday  - Building resiliency in times of uncertainty. 

Thursday  - Finding your life's purpose, meaning and value within. 

Thursday  - The power of opposites in supporting your wellbeing. 

Thursday  - Opening the doorway to true joy and happiness.

Price : Free & includes free recording