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Bespoke Meditation

Private meditation classes in person or online

Meditation Practises

My approach to private meditation instruction is secular (non religious) and individually tailored.

A session includes instruction on how to learn meditation, discussion (including about the benefits of meditation), and meditation, and I will teach you techniques that will best address the areas that you wish to focus on. These techniques can include focus on the breath to help quieten the mind, mantras, visualisations and expansiveness practices and / or iRest Yoga Nidra, guided meditation.

Please see below for more detail about iRest.

For some people most of the time is spent in meditation, while for others half of the session is used for discussion. Each and every session is designed to be most beneficial to you.

Please contact Simon Hoten at 07984613826 or email at:

iRest® for deep rest and wellbeing

iRest® yoga nidra is a a guided meditation designed to support deep rest and well being. It can be practised sitting or lying down. It is backed by extensive research ( and teaches tools that can be used to skilfully deal with challenging situations throughout daily life including -

  • Coping with daily stress

  • Improving sleep 

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Resolving trauma

  • Relieving chronic pain

  • Awaken to your true nature 

iRest meditation private session
iRest can be practised in a group setting as well as in one to one private sessions.

You may choose to have an iRest yoga nidra delivered personally for you as a one off or as part of a number of private meditation classes. After an initial interview, Simon will lead you through an extended practise. Following the session, you can debrief with Simon if you choose and / or spend some time in silence. This can be a one off session or one of a number of private meditation classes.


iRest dyad meditation

This is a powerful co-meditation practise where we enter together into meditative awareness, following the iRest protocol. We practice welcoming and being fully present with whatever is arising in this moment (verbally or non-verbally). Simon mirrors your process, holding and supporting you in the meditation. There is no agenda and the process unfolds at your own pace. Being seen and heard without any agenda to fix or to change creates the potential for deep insight. 


  • Individual iRest sessions are one hour long. 

  • They are done lying down or sitting comfortably with eyes open or closed .

  • This structure is based on the iRest/ Yoga Nidra, guided meditation protocol developed by RIchard Miller ( and the ancient wisdom teachings of yoga as a path of self - inquiry.


To schedule your appointment please contact Simon Hoten at 07984613826 or email at:

A 1-2-1 session can also be a great gift for someone. Click below for more details.

For private meditation classes via Zoom/Skype or Facetime please contact me for details.

Private meditation, 1-2-1 meditation

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