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Pranayama is the formal practice of controlling the breath through breathing techniques, which helps to develop and direct the flow of prana - the vital life force circulating through us. It serves as an important link between the outward focused active practices of yoga like asana / yoga poses, and the inner focused and surrendering practices that draw us into deeper meditative states. Our breathing patterns are closely linked to our emotional states. Next time you are annoyed, angry,  excited, tired or nervous, check in with how you are breathing compared to when you are calm or relaxed and you will notice a difference. Hence by changing our breathing patterns through these breathing techniques, we can also calm our mind down ready for rest, sleep or meditation or with other practices, energise ourselves, or balance our nervous system. Even by just taking time out to consciously become more aware of our breath we can help to start to change our emotional states and this can help develop concentration skills, aid digestion and much more. Most classes that I teach include some pranayama techniques. 


Sunday evening Yoga class including extended pranayama

(breathing exercises which can be transformative for the body and mind)  

Last Sunday of the month 7.15pm - 8.30pm





The power of your breath - Introducing breathing techniques to transform your life 

Next one TBC 

This 2 hour introductory workshop includes ancient practices / pranayama from the yoga tradition - for everyday life as well as to support you in deepening your yoga practice. 
We will explore practices that will help you to relax deeply, breathing techniques for anxiety...breathing exercises for build focus, concentration, mindfulness, as well as energising, warming and cooling and practices to help you feel more balanced in your life.
These will include chest vs diaphragmatic breathing, everyday breathing, breath for deep relaxation, ujjayi, anuloma viloma, kapalabhati, brahmari.

We will explore the anatomy of the breath in an experiential way as well as move through gentle postures to help release tight areas of the body that may be restricting your breath. There will also be an online resource to support your practise at home. The workshop is limited to 7 students allowing for more individual attention during the session.

Home studio

West Hampstead

Hillfield Road,

(exact address given on booking)

Private 1-2-1 Sessions

During a private session, we will assess together how you currently breathe, explore breathing exercises & practices to meet your needs, and create a practise action plan. These sessions may include postures to support breathing optimally and can be stand alone or combined with yoga and / or meditation.

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