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Mentorship with me, Simon is perfect for you if ......

  • You value authenticity and are looking for a mentor that is deeply committed to helping you achieve your goals, who can offer fresh insights and inspire you.

  • You would love to have an experienced trustworthy wellbeing professional on your side, on your team and cheerleading you on.

  • You feel like you have hit a ceiling and want to upscale both your offering and income.

  • You're doing ok but you've lost your mojo and are feeling a bit stuck. 

  • You're struggling with or feeling overwhelmed by the business side.

  • You want to build your business management skills i.e. Financial tracking, client communication, improve your efficiency.

  • You are struggling to make the level of income that you want.

  • You've followed your dream to become a yoga teacher. You've just completed your professional training and you're not sure where to start to build your teaching business.

  • You're working from home and getting distracted and hence the week flies by and you've not managed to work on your business plan and / or marketing.

  • You've contacted lots of studios and gyms and not getting any offers of work. 

  • You need to boost your marketing, find your niche,

  • You want to build your mailing list, create your website, find a suitable booking system.

  • You're struggling to find students.

  • You feel like you might have imposter syndrome.

  • You are struggling with boundaries and feeling like you are heading towards burnout.

  • You are having challenges with a studio owner or student that you would like to talk about in a supportive and confidential environment.

  • You want to work with more private clients effectively.

  • You want to lead your first retreat but you are struggling to move forward.

Why choose me as your mentor?
I have 25 years prior business experience prior to becoming a full time yoga teacher which included mentoring many team members for 20 years. I left a corporate job to become a full time yoga teacher so fully understand the risks, the challenges but also the rewards. I am based in London and teach / have taught in yoga studios, gyms, corporate environments, a church hall and a community centre. I also teach and work with many private clients as well as lead retreats in the UK and abroad. I have been practising and studying yoga for over 21 years and teaching since 2010 and I am recognised as a senior teacher by Yoga Teachers Alliance UK. 
My previous roles include Director of Buying, Merchandise Manager / Senior Buyer,  where identifying and developing new growth opportunities, building brands and product development & hitting financial targets were a primary focus of the roles. I also created and taught a series of negotiation courses for 15 years. I have also opened a successful city centre restaurant which I co-owned and managed.


  •  For a one off session the investment is £85 for the hour. 

  •  For 3 hourly sessions paid for in advance the investment is £240 (£80 per session)

  •  For 5 hourly sessions paid for in advance the investment is £375 (£75 per session)

  • For 2 hourly sessions every month for 6 months, 12 in total, the investment is £840 (£70 per session)

(All sessions to be taken within six months from the payment date. Pricing includes all my preparation time, any calls / texts / emails in between the sessions and any follow up)

Next steps

For more details, to book a free call to discuss your needs and how I might support you, call / text me on 07984613826 or email me at .

Sessions can be In person or Online.

Prior to the initial free call, I will send you a short mentoring questionnaire which helps us to focus on your priorities during the call and also helps me see if I can mentor and support you to meet your needs.

I look forward to meeting you,


Mentor, yoga teacher mentor
Business mentoring

Let me help you to thrive rather than just get by. Let me support you in building your confidence, growing your business and increasing your income. You don't have to do this on your own.
Think of me as your hidden business partner on your side, attentively listening, observing and offering impartial seasoned insights, experienced hints, tips, suggestions & guidance on the countless number of decisions you make on your business journey. 

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