Yoga360 with Simon Hoten (pronounced Yoga three sixty) creates yoga practices, classes, workshops and retreats. As the number 360 reflects the number of degrees in a full or whole circle, Yoga360 reflects a focus on the whole person. 

Founder: Simon Hoten

I have been practising & studying yoga since 2003 and teaching since 2010. As a yoga teacher I am British Wheel of Yoga accredited. I am also a qualified meditation teacher and certified iRest™ Teacher (iRest yoga nidra / Guided meditation)


I started my personal meditation practise with a 10 day silent Vipassana meditation retreat in New Zealand in March 2003. Following this revelatory experience, I went to my first yoga class a few days later, with the primary intention of improving my flexibility so that I could sit more comfortably during meditation. However at my very first class I became intrigued about the physical yoga practise as well as meditation and this soon developed into the passion that it is today. 

My teaching style is one of emphasis on the breath, healthy alignment, flow of movement, building strength & flexibility, whilst also giving an opportunity for deep relaxation. I aim for all my classes to be open and friendly whilst also being focused. I am very keen in sharing the benefits of private / one on one teaching, having personally seen the depth in my own practise develop following such a setting.


As a yoga teacher I come with 25 years of experience of a fast-paced, city working-life and all the pressures, expectations and challenges that this lifestyle brings. I have seen the positives that yoga can bring first hand including supporting improved focus and energy as well as helping alleviate symptoms of stress and supporting improved sleep patterns particularly after long periods of travelling. With a regular asana practise, I have also significantly benefited from improved posture, flexibility and movement in my body where there were restrictions, particularly following the effects of a severe femur fracture in my 20's and subsequent 12 month recovery period in hospital.


Yoga is more of a journey than a destination, a pathway of continued growth and learning. I take great joy in sharing my knowledge and experiences with my students and I am extremely grateful to those who have shared theirs with me, particularly Donna Farhi, James Reeves, Jane Kersel, Kate Ellis, Anna Ashby, Carlos Pomeda, Swami Saradananda, Bridget Woods Kramer & Chris Swain. 

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Yoga / Meditation Training


Practitioner since 2003


Teacher Training Diploma with Triyoga - accredited by (BWY) British Wheel of Yoga 

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Anna Ashby 

The Art of Teaching one-to-one Teacher Training with Kate Ellis 


Yoga as Medicine immersion with Dr Timothy McCall 

Anusara immersion program with Bridget Woods Kramer 


Advanced Yoga Studies Certificate with Donna Farhi  

Pranayama / Science of Breath Teachers intensive with Richard Rosen 


Meditation Teacher Training with Swami Saradananda 

 iRest™ Meditation Teacher Training Certificate

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