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Keynote speeches - Events - Workshops - Classes

I'd be delighted to offer you a free 15 minute consultation via phone or Skype to discuss your specific needs.  Email me on or call me on 07984613826 to book. 

Keynote speeches : Keynote speaker Simon Hoten shares how meditation can boost creativity, improve sleep, enhance one's sense of well being and peace, reduce stress and anxiety and help navigate all that life serves us.

Yoga in the Workplace : This is a program of yoga, (practised on a mat or in chairs), breathwork and meditation, which can be uniquely created for your business and can work alongside your own wellbeing at work program.

Meditation : Simon teaches different types of meditation including focus on the breath, visualisations & mantras. 

iRest Yoga Nidra: Simon teaches iRest™ Yoga Nidra which is backed by extensive research and can help people navigate all of life's challenges and enhance one's sense of well being and peace. 

Mindfulness and Meditation : Mindfulness - the informal practice of present moment awareness. The meditation that Simon teaches, involves mindfulness techniques and learning to be mindful often involves some form of meditation, so the practices go hand in hand. 

Companies have classes in boardrooms, training rooms, conference rooms, gyms, or outside in the fresh air in the Spring and Summer. 


The frequency is completely up to your business and could be a single/one off session, a weekly session to fit in with a seasonal wellbeing programme i.e. care for your back, supporting better sleep, stress management. Company training days or team motivational events can also be supported with a unique programme.


Classes can be fully paid for or subsidised by the company for the benefit of the employees.

Wellbeing in the workplace can:


  • Help improve physical stamina and resistance to illness, resulting in less sick days.

  • Help improve breathing and blood circulation supporting a healthy immune system.

  • Help productivity by decreasing and releasing stress, tension and anxiety.

  • Help relieve pain in the back, neck, shoulders, knees, hips, ankles, and  alleviate headaches.

  • Rejuvenate yet also relax your mind and body.

  • Enhance alertness and mental clarity; people often feel energized after class.

  • Help build camaraderie between colleagues.

  • Help improve communication, listening, and interpersonal relationship skills.

  • Sit alongside and support companies other employee wellbeing programs.


Interested in bringing wellbeing to your Work Place?  Please contact Simon at Yoga360 on 07984 613826

For wellbeing at work practices via Zoom/Skype or Facetime please contact Simon for details.

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