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Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga combines a deeply nourishing environment of stillness with postures to encourage a natural process of healing. Join us to breathe deeply, move gently, rejuvenate and relax. Yoga postures are practised normally supine / lying down, supported by props, such as bolsters and blankets, and held for up to 15 minutes to allow the body to let go, releasing muscular tension. When practised regularly restorative yoga will help you to :

deeply and completely relax the body, enhance flexibility, heal the effects of chronic stress

balance energy, recover from illness or injury, balance the nervous system, boost the immune system, quieten the mind, live more fully in the present moment.

It is recommended and useful for everyone regardless of age, flexibility or strength and is a beautiful complement to an active lifestyle. It can be a great addition to, or alternative to meditation classes. I teach workshops and private sessions.

'The Big Relax' Restorative Yoga Extended Session

Wednesday 7.30pm - 9.30pm December 18th

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Breathing Practises / Pranayama

Pranayama is the formal practice of controlling the breath through breathing techniques, which helps to develop and direct the flow of prana - the vital life force circulating through us. It serves as an important link between the outward focused active practices of yoga like asana / yoga poses, and the inner focused and surrendering practices that draw us into deeper meditative states. Our breathing patterns are closely linked to our emotional states. Next time you are annoyed, angry,  excited, tired or nervous check in with how you are breathing compared to when you are calm or relaxed and you will notice a difference. Hence by changing our breathing patterns through these breathing techniques, we can also calm our mind down ready for rest, sleep or meditation or with other practices, energise ourselves, or balance our nervous system. Even by just taking time out to consciously become more aware of our breath we can help to start to change our emotional states and this can help develop concentration skills, aid digestion and much more. I teach workshops, courses, and classes (as stand alone sessions or part of yoga and / or meditation classes) and private sessions. 

The power of your breath - Introducing breathing techniques

to transform your life - 2 hour workshop 

Wednesday February 19th 7pm - 9pm

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iRest® for deep rest and wellbeing

iRest yoga nidra is a research backed practise that teaches tools that can be used to to deeply calm the nervous system, develop a strong sense of well being, peace and skilfully deal with challenging situations throughout daily life including: coping with daily stress, resolving trauma, decreasing depression and anxiety, relieving chronic pain, improving sleep. Check out the latest research here

At the beginning of this practise, you are actively encouraged to lie down, (but you can sit if you wish to) and get as comfortable as you can. What follows is then a guided process of relaxation and self inquiry where you become increasingly aware of your physical body including your breath and inner world. You will likely experience yourself in a level of consciousness somewhere between being fully awake and sleeping

Through its practise, it teaches you to carefully investigate the nature of the beliefs that you hold about yourself, as well as to integrate feelings, emotions and thoughts both positive and negative in order to recognise your true nature, your underlying peace of mind and equanimity that is always present amidst all the changing circumstances of life. This meditative practise shows that finding inner peace is not some closed secret but open to everyone who is interested in finding it. I teach courses, classes and private sessions.

iRest Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation 6 Week Course

 Thursday Jan 9th - Feb 13th 7.45pm - 9pm

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