Head Stand Pose

Level Two / Intermediate 

3 Week Course

Wednesdays 7pm - 8.15pm

November 27th - December 11th


West Hampstead

Community Centre

This course is aimed at more experienced yoga students who have attended one of Yoga360's level one yoga courses or yoga workshops or similar. During this 3 week course we will explore more sophisticated pranayama practices including breath retentions, mudras (hand gestures), as well as an exploration of the bandhas (energy seals created internally by which a yogi can direct the flow of prana) Uddiyana, Mula, Jalandhar. We will explore too the concepts of the Kleshas, Kanchukas & Koshas - which come from the yoga tradition and can be explained as the different layers shrouding or covering our hearts and consciousness. An understanding of them can help explain what may be holding us back from reaching our full potential. 
We will also explore a wider range of postures including Supta Virasana ( reclining Hero pose) Camatkarasana ( Wild Thing) & inversions including Ardha Pincha Mayurasana / Dolphin, Salamba Sarvangasana / supported Shoulderstand & Salamba Sirsasana / supported Headstand). 
There will be a maximum of 8 students on this course allowing for more individual attention during the classes. Props including blankets, blocks will be provided and for those not doing inversions, alternative postures will be given. This is not suitable for beginners and students will be expected to have a strong understanding of the key principles of alignment of key postures as well as have a consistent and regular yoga practise.
There will also be an online resource to support you after each class to support your practise at home in between as well as to help you catch up if you missed a class. Venue : West Hampstead Community Centre. Price : £30


Beginners / Back to Basics

6 Week Yoga Course

Wed Jan 8th - Feb 12th

6.55pm - 8.10pm


West Hampstead

Community Centre

An ideal way to begin your discovery of yoga or as a reminder of the key poses and alignment principles in a safe and friendly environment.

The Beginners' Yoga course includes an introduction to yoga postures, sequencing, breathing techniques, meditation and philosophy. Each week we will explore a different focus and classes will include standing / seated / lying down postures, forward bends, back bends, twists, hip openers, as well as an introduction to meditation.

At the end of the 6 week course you should feel confident enough to attend regular classes, come on yoga retreats and create a home practise. There will also be an online resource to support you after each class to support your practise at home in between as well as to help you catch up if you missed a class. Changing facilities available in this lovely venue. Mats are provided. Venue : West Hampstead Community Centre. Price : £58

Handsome Indian man in white shirt doing

The power of your breath - Pranayama Workshop

Wednesday Feb 19th 

7pm - 9pm


Home Studio

West Hampstead

This 2 hour introductory workshop includes ancient practices / pranayama from the yoga tradition - for everyday life as well as to support you in deepening your yoga practice. 
We will explore practices that will help you to relax deeply...to cope with daily stress...help build focus, concentration, mindfulness, as well as energising, warming and cooling and practices to help you feel more balanced in your life.
These will include chest vs diaphramatic breathing, everyday breathing, breath for deep relaxation, ujjayi, anuloma viloma, kapalabhati, brahmari, sitali.

We will explore the anatomy of the breath in an experiential way as well as move through gentle postures to help release tight areas of the body that may be restricting your breath. There will also be an online resource to support your practise at home in between. The workshop is limited to 7 students allowing for more individual attention during the session.

Venue : Home Studio, West Hampstead. Exact address on booking. Price : £20

Dandelion Leaves

Reducing the symptoms of Anxiety & Stress Workshop

Thurs 7.30pm - 9.30pm

December 12th

£17 / £20

Home Studio

West Hampstead

In this extended session, we will explore gentle yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation practises including iRest yoga nidra that can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and stress.
It will also include home practise recommendations and other hints and tips to help you when you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed.
This is open to everyone whether you are a beginner in yoga & meditation or more experienced. Most of the class is lying or sitting down. There is a little kneeling (alternative postures can be given if kneeling isn't suitable) but there are no standing poses during the session.

All mats / equipment is provided. Changing facilities available.

Venue : Home studio, West Hampstead. Exact address given on booking. Price : £17 early bird before 28th Nov / £20 


Guided meditation, iRest 

yoga nidra 6 week course

Thursdays Jan 9th - Feb 13th

7.45pm - 9pm


West Hampstead

Home Studio

This guided meditation is known as iRest yoga nidra and is an evidence based mind-body transformative practise. It teaches tools that can be used to skilfully deal with challenging situations throughout daily life, to deeply calm the nervous system as well as to develop a strong sense of well being. This meditative practise shows that finding inner peace is not some closed secret but open to everyone who is interested in finding it.
This integrative practice also heals the various unresolved issues, traumas, and wounds that are present in the body and mind, not by asking the meditator to change themselves but by welcoming themselves exactly as they are. When true welcoming happens, then the profound transformation takes place. 

At the beginning of this practise, you are actively encouraged to lie down, (but you can sit if you wish to) and get as comfortable as you can. What follows is then a guided process of relaxation and self inquiry where you become increasingly aware of your physical body including your breath and inner world. You will likely experience yourself in a level of consciousness somewhere between being fully awake and sleeping and it is possible to lose the sense that one is separate from others and to tap into an unshakable sense of interconnectedness to all of life.
There are 10 steps to this meditation practise and each week we focus on key elements building up to a full practise in the 6th week.

People who practise iRest yoga nidra report:

*reduced depression, fear and anxiety

*greater ability to relax and enjoy life

*reduced insomnia and levels of stress

*improved interpersonal relations

*reduced chronic and acute pain

*increased inner peace and well being

Suitable for? 
Everyone is welcome. This is not a physical yoga class. All participants either lie on the ground, on a yoga mat and blanket ( with optional bolster cushions /support under your knees and / or a blanket under your head) or you can sit in a chair on the sofa.
Suitable for all levels including beginners and those more experienced in meditation.

Includes 6 guided meditation recordings

Venue : Home studio, West Hampstead - exact address on booking

Price £70 


Learn to Meditate

6 Week Course

Thursday Feb 20th - March 26th

7pm - 8.15pm


West Hampstead

Home Studio

A 6 week course to train you in a wide range of meditation techniques & including pranayama (breathing practices / movement of Prana) & mudras (which can support your meditation practise)

Week One: Using the breath to overcome distractions.
Week Two: Creative visualisations 
Week Three: Mantras for meditation
Week Four: Heart Focused & Expansiveness meditation 
Week Five: Candle Flame & Walking Meditation
Week Six: iRest Yoga Nidra guided meditation including body sensing & breath sensing. 

What will this course with Simon do for me?
People who start to meditate regularly, report benefits including - ​Feeling more energised, Improved focus and concentration, Increased creativity, productivity, performance , Reduced levels of anxiety and stress, Reduced feelings of being overwhelmed, Being less reactive and more responsive, Increased patience, intuition and empathy, A clearer mind, Improved decision making, A greater perspective in life, Becoming more resilient to challenges in relationships and life, Feeling more centred and happy, Improved self awareness, Expanded consciousness, More balance in life
improved self-discipline and encourages other positive habits i.e. exercise, diet changes, reading).

In addition - people practising yoga nidra / guided meditation experience: 
​Decreased stress, anxiety, fear and depression, Improved sleep and decreased insomnia, An ability to better manage chronic and acute pain, Healthier interpersonal relations, Heightened energy levels
Improved sense of control, More confidence and joy in their lives, A greater sense of peace and well-being ​​

There are so many different meditation techniques that it can be confusing. We will explore a number of the key practices so that you can find the right one for you. Once you find the right practise, meditation practise becomes easier too sustain and when you practise regularly, you start to reap the many benefits.

Do you have difficulty sitting still to meditate?
I will share posture secrets as well as practices that can help to quieten our mind prior to meditation i.e. pranayama practices (breathing & the movement of prana) and the use of mudras too.

Have you tried to meditate previously and then given up?
...or have you meant to start but haven't managed to yet? 
I will share with you the tools, hints and tips that can help you overcome the many obstacles that can stop us from meditating.

We will be sitting on chairs or the floor on cushions / supports, whatever you prefer.
There is also an online resource to support you after the afternoon and there will be time for group reflection, questions, discussions, stretching 
Suitable for?
Anyone, of any age, background or religion. 
Maximum 8 students.
Our setting is our home studio in West Hampstead. Exact address given on booking. 
All mats, cushions, chairs, blankets are provided.
Price £70


'The Big Relax' Restorative 

Yoga Extended Session

Wednesday 7.30pm -9.30pm

December 18th


Home Studio

West Hampstead

Nourish yourself with this Restorative Yoga and Meditation session in West Hampstead. The session will include a restorative yoga practice that supports deep relaxation and rejuvenation and conscious breathing and yoga nidra / guided meditation practices. Within restorative yoga, yoga postures are practised normally supine / lying down, supported by props, and held for longer periods to allow the body to let go, releasing muscular tension and resulting in a more grounded, centred and relaxed state. It is recommended / useful for everyone. By the end of the session you should feel more balanced, grounded, relaxed and rejuvenated. 
Event is for all levels, Beginners welcome. Venue : Home studio in West Hampstead. Exact address given on booking. Early bird price per workshop - £17 prior Dec 5th / £20 thereafter.

Couple Meditating

Learn to Meditate Workshop for Beginners

Saturday January 18th

1.30pm - 5.30pm


West Hampstead

Home Studio

" I have been meditating every day since attending one of Simon's meditation workshops in London. I had made a few failed attempts to get into meditation via a very popular phone app, but the techniques that i learnt at Simon'a workshop, really made it accessible to me and spurred me on. The welcome was wonderful - considerate and comfortable - Simon really makes you feel at ease" Sophie J
This workshop is ideal for beginners with no previous meditation experience, as well as those looking for a refresher or to explore new practises / deepen an existing practise.

During this workshop we will experience a range of different meditation practices : including how to use the breath to overcome distractions, meditation using mantras, visualisations, expansiveness meditation plus iRest yoga nidra (which includes body scanning and breath sensing - which is a 30 minute lying down guided meditation at the end).

We will explore different gentle exercises that can help us sit more comfortably to meditate, practices that can help to quieten our mind prior to meditation as well as have discussions on the effects of diet and lifestyles on meditation. 
Have you tried to meditate previously and then given up?
...or have you meant to start but haven't managed to yet? 
I will share with you the tools, hints and tips that can help you overcome the many obstacles that can stop us from meditating. We will be sitting on chairs or the floor on cushions / supports, whatever you prefer.
There is also an online resource to support you after the afternoon.
Venue : Home studio, West Hampstead - exact address on booking

Price £50


Online Restorative Yoga Deep Relaxation course

Anytime, Anywhere

At a venue to suit you

Online course 


In this Restorative yoga online course, i teach and guide you through eight key restorative yoga poses. You can then practise the poses individually, create your own sequence or follow one of the three sequences that i have created for you - 15 minutes, 40 minutes and 75 minutes, depending on how much time you have.


During a Restorative yoga session, you are invited to slow down, focus on your breath and practise stillness or gentle movements. Yoga postures are practised usually supine or seated, supported by props, and held for longer periods than a usual yoga pose in a general class. This encourages the body to let go, releasing muscular tension, as the props are supporting your body rather than the muscles.

If you don't have the props then I also give you alternatives that you can easily find around your home! 

This is the first of a number of our online yoga courses & yoga workshops. 

"Thank you for a wonderful Restorative Yoga practise. I found a moment of peace & calm in an otherwise hectic urban existence" Teresa H

"A wonderful, luxurious practise of relaxing! I highly recommend this practise to anyone who wants to slow down and find inner peace and quiet" B.F

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