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The joy of wonder

Updated: Feb 9

I feel incredibly fortunate as this August, I enjoyed a trip to the West of Scotland to stay with some friends. We hiked, explored, and took the breathtaking train journey from Mallaig down to Glasgow. During the five-hour train ride, my eyes were open so wide and my mouth agape in awe of the stunning scenery. It was incredibly uplifting and inspiring.

I also had the privilege of visiting the Yayoi Kusama exhibition "You, me and the Balloons" in Manchester. The moment I walked in, a wide smile spread across my face. To think that she is still creating such art at the age of 94! I was filled with joy and stayed in that exhibition longer than I can remember doing so in any other.

Both experiences were very different but equally wonderful. Reflecting on them, I reminded myself that there are countless exceptional experiences happening around me all the time. While I loved going on these two trips, I realised that I don't have to venture far to have uplifting experiences. I just need to focus on being more conscious in everyday life, practicing seeing the world with wonder. Admittedly, it's easier said than done, but I've been taking time to watch butterflies feed on flower pollen, observe the daily unfurling of leaves, witness the changing colors of the communal gardens where I live, and gaze up at the sky to see each unique sunrise, sunset, and moon appearance whenever the clouds permit.

Unfortunately, for many of us, the demands of adulthood, personal circumstances, and the often challenging news around us can make us cynical, feel overwhelmed and we can struggle to or forget to do this. But when we're ready again, there are always natures gems to make us smile in awe. There are some ways that may help us to reconnect with our sense of wonder i.e. slowing down, seeking out displays of mastery and real expertise (listening to Ted talks or going to a museum/ art gallery) looking at familiar surroundings through the eyes of a visitor, family member, a child, take up a course or masterclass, doing something good for the community.

Why not take a few moments to ponder or write down, what helps you to (re)connect with your sense of wonder.

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